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Many Union Representatives receive requests from Locals and members asking them to investigate the possibility of providing them with a Group Insurance Benefits plan. Particular emphasis is placed on Disability Benefit Plans. The reasons for these requests are numerous. Currently, many members have limited Employee Benefit Plans or no Health & Welfare Group Insurance Benefits at all. Also, due to increasing costs, many employers have found it necessary to pay part of, or, increase the member’s contribution toward the cost of the Group Insurance Benefits plan.

Mission Statement and Core Values

The CAUS CANADIAN BENEFITS TRUST was formed in 1996 as a national, non-profit multi-union Group Insurance Benefits plan.

The main purpose of the CAUS Canadian Benefits Trust is to offer union members and employers access to cost effective management and delivery of high quality, good value Group Insurance Benefits and Disability Benefit Plans.

We, the CAUS CANADIAN BENEFITS TRUST Trustees, pledge the following:

Canadian & Canada Disability Benefit Plans, Employee Benefit Plans, Group Insurance Benefits

    • To provide members with the most comprehensive Employee Benefit Plans in Canada – operated on a sound financial basis.
    • To operate the Plan on a not-for-profit basis with cost savings achieved through volume discounts that will be passed on to our clients.
    • To ensure that all claims are adjudicated fairly, honestly, objectively, in a timely manner and that a proper appeal process is in place.
    • To appreciate and respect our customers and product suppliers. To be seen as a trusted partner by both unions and employers.

What The Canadian Benefits Trust Does

The Canadian Benefits Trust offers unions and employers effective Group Insurance Benefits plans in situations where unions have, or would like to have, some or more control over benefits. In addition, our purpose is to create a pooled insurance fund with sufficient reserves to permit self-funding and to increase the level of control participating unions and employers can exercise over Canadian Group Insurance Benefits Plans.

Providing these kinds of benefits programs to employees has the following advantages:

  • Employers gain a competitive edge in the job market, helping to attract and retain employees, which helps minimize costs associated with high turnover
  • Access to comprehensive, anti-selective insurance at a reduced cost and with taxation benefits
  •  Increased productivity and higher morale by providing financial security and support to employees

The Canadian Benefits Trust Board

The Canadian Benefits Trust is governed by a board of trustees that includes representation from CAUS and the plan’s participating unions.

Canadian & Canada Disability Benefit Plans, Employee Benefit Plans, Group Insurance Benefits
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