Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the Insurer?

The CAUS plan selects insurers based upon the members requirements, service and pricing. The market place is constantly reviewed to ensure the plan is getting the best to meet the above mentioned criteria. Currently, one of our main insurers is the SSQ Financial Group, (with in excess of 1,200 unionized employees) it is both national and bilingual.

What benefits does the plan provide?

The plan provides for a full range of benefits including Life Insurance, Dependent Life Insurance, Optional Life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, Short and Long Term Disability Insurance as well as coverage for Extended Health, Prescription Drug, Dental, Out Of Country coverage and Vision care.

In addition, the plan can facilitate the provision of Employee and Family Assistance programs as well as the administration of pension programs.

Who is the administrator of the plan?

FAS Benefit Administrators LTD, a national company, operating in both official languages. The FAS group of companies provide over 35 years of extensive experience utilizing an advanced computerized delivery system with sophisticated management capabilities. FAS is a union owned operation.

Why is this plan better for our members than the current program?

In the majority of situations the union has very limited or no information and zero input into the benefits program. The CAUS plan provides the same information to both the union and the employer, (within the scope of the privacy laws), thus enabling the participants to jointly make decisions regarding the plan. This shifts the complete control of Health & Welfare Benefits from the employer and enables the union to share some of the control and decision making.

How will this effect the employer?

What we have found is that despite the fact that the employer is often initially reluctant to share the control of the benefits program, they discover that it is to their benefit to do so. Shared ownership of the plan creates an atmosphere of trust and working together toward solutions that does not usually exist when the employer has complete control. Additionally, both the plan’s project managers and the administrator have a great deal of experience with providing full service to employers.

We have heard that self insuring our benefit plan will provide cost savings. Is that true?

Self funding is an option that is available through the Canadian Benefits Trust. In many cases, self funding may reduce expenses, however, it is not a recommended option for all plans. Only a thorough analysis of your current benefits plan would provide the necessary information, to determine whether or not self funding is a viable option.

What is the Next Step? How would we get a quote for our group

In order for the CAUS Canadian Benefits Trust to provide a competitive quote for your plan members, we require the following information:

  1. Organization Information (type of business, location/s, principals, addresses, contact/s)
  2. Plan Member Demographics (Census Listing)
  3. Current Long Term Disability Listing
  4. Most Recent 3 Years of Plan Renewals (claims experience)
  5. Plan Design (Benefit Plan Booklet)

The quickest and most effective method for you to provide the necessary data is electronic transfer. Once all of the required information has been received, a proposal will usually be completed for presentation to your organization, within 2 to 3 weeks.

Do not hesitate to contact us directly (1-866-902-2287) at any time, should you have questions or require assistance.

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